What makes a quality BLOG?  A quality WIKI?  A video podcast to persuade? A tweet to inform? A business email?

With new forms of assessments to upgrade teaching and learning we need corresponding new rubrics to provide feedback to our learners.   Our team at Curriculum 21 has started a project to develop rubrics to assist educators in developing rubrics for use in our classrooms from the pre-K through college.

Students can and should be part of the rubric scaffolding process.  Recently, for example, I was conducting a workshop when we listened to a podcast by some high school students in social studies regarding the Civil War.   As we listened it was clear that this podcast was not ready for posting on the school podcasting channel.  It sounded like a “first podcast DRAFT”.    The ideas and content was excellent on the podcast but the delivery was stiff.   Our group agreed that It sounded as if the students were reading  directly from a script for the first time with no intention or connection.   Thus, in the same way, that we have first and second and third iterations in “writing process”, we need the same review process on new 21st century assessment forms.   Digi-rubrics will reflect the quality of the techniques used for the form such as use of camera angle and sound on a video podcast AND, as always, the content and ideas that are conveyed through the medium selected.

We invite you to send your thoughts, suggestions, and resources.  You can post a comment here on the blog site or send an email to our director of C-21 projects:  Bill@curriculum21.com (Bill Sheskey).  Our goal will be post these rubrics on our Curriculum 21/Clearinghouse and at ASCD Edge to field-test them with students in our classrooms.   Thank you