Curriculum21 Podcast: Episode 09

Mike Fisher and Jeanne Tribuzzi discuss the implications of content area literacy in the wake of the new Common Core Standards.

ASCD Conference 2011- San Francisco

Heidi Hayes Jacobs speaks at the 2011 ASCD Conference in San Francisco.

TEDxNYED- March 5th

Heidi Hayes Jacobs presents at TEDxNYED on March 5th, 2011.

Curriculum21 Podcast: Episode 08

Mike Fisher interviews Angela Maiers during ASCD 2011 conference in San Francisco. They ponder the question: What is going to make you run to school?


Curriculum21 Podcast- Episode 07

Heidi Hayes Jacobs interviews Tom Welch at the ASCD Conference in San Francisco in March 2011.

Virtual Learning Magnets:

The “Virtual Learning Magnet” is a project launched under the auspices of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) with support from NASA.  It is designed to provide a customized learning opportunity to any student in the United States.

Curriculum21 Podcast – Episode 6

Mike Fisher takes you along as he explores Today’s Meet, a web 2.0 tool, that allows teachers and learners to collaboratively take notes, backchannel and embed into various media platforms.


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Curriculum21 Podcast – Episode 5

Episode 5:
Philip Vinodradov is a science teacher at the William Tennett High School in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Philip’s extensive of use of social networking tools and wikis has extended the walls of his classroom and created an authentic online learning community for his students.  Each chapter in this podcast highlights particular areas of Philip’s leveraging the power of social networking with his students.
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Podcast Highlights:
  • “Early Adapter” Teachers: Minute 10:33
  • The Web 1.0 Webquest is Dated: Minute 13:18
  • One to One Classrooms: Minute 16:46
  • Social Networking in the Classroom: Minute: 21:41

Curriculum21 Podcast – Episode 4

Episode 4:

Heidi Hayes Jacobs discusses with Bill Sheskey the global impact of the ASCD book Curriculum 21: An Essential Education for a Changing World.

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Curriculum21 Podcast – Episode 3

Episode 03:

Screencast of using the Video Conference tool Skype. Follow Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano along with tips for using Skype in the classroom.

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Curriculum21 Podcast – Episode 2

Curriculum21 Practices in Action.

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, Mike Fisher and Bill Sheskey visit the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School in Jacksonville, Florida. They observe a Middle School Language Arts lesson and participate in a discussion about the responsibility of journalism in the Digital Age. The Curriculum21 team learned about quality commenting on a blog from a video created by third graders  and hear about the upgraded writing lesson necessary for the creation of the video. Finally the team has a chance to speak to the Head of School, Jon Mitzmacher, and learn about his vision for the school to become a Curriculum21 school.


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